Washington isn’t broken, it’s the career politicians who represent political party bosses and not the people in the district. Jerry Ford Sr.’s campaign is about representing the working class and middle-class people in the 18th Congressional District.



Access to affordable Healthcare is a concern with most of the people that I have spoken to. In America, healthcare should be a right, not a privilege. Affordable health insurance that covers all pre-existing conditions—no matter who you are, is a right that all Americans should have. America gives trillions of our tax dollars to many countries that have free healthcare for all their citizens.

One of the richest countries in the world should provide affordable healthcare to all its citizens.


Jerry Ford, Sr.  believes that the U.S. has fallen behind in updates to our Infrastructure. Ford believes that the solution to this is Free Trade Schools, which will provide the skills to our youth and provide thousands of jobs for our citizens.

I will fight for innovations to stimulate job growth and a fair job plan, such as introducing bills that will provide free trade school for people to get the skills to rebuild our infrastructure, such as, roads, bridges, airports, and  other construction jobs like building homes.

If our Government invests in its’ citizens with funds for free trade schools, our youth will acquire the needed skills for those jobs. We can eliminate the need for undocumented workers; who are here doing jobs that many Americans don’t have the skills to do.

I will fight to create 21-century energy jobs such as wind and solar energy.



We need strong leadership to address flooding in Houston, someone much like myself, who provided search and rescue during these floods and knew the problem first hand. Nationwide, repeat federal flood relief payouts averaged about $3,000 per square mile. But in greater Houston, the payouts were nearly a whopping $500,000 per square mile.

Here's a look at some of the reasons Houston has been so susceptible to flooding:


  • Founded on the banks of the Buffalo Bayou, Houston barely rises above sea level. Making matters worse, its flat terrain and clay soil are susceptible to the flooding of a humid climate that produces extreme rainfall. At least three dozen major floods have been recorded since Houston was founded, including one in April 2016 that killed eight people.

Inadequate infrastructure

  • In the 1940s, floods prompted the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to build reservoirs along the western area of Harris County. That only addressed some of the problems, but let’s face it, very few notable flood-control efforts have been undertaken since then, that’s unacceptable.
  •  In the 18th District, Houston has focused on improving drainage by building thousands of detention ponds, which are concrete-lined pools that capture stormwater and pipe it out. But, I feel some developers have skimped on the flood-prevention systems.
  • In the last quarter-century, greater Houston has added a million people, and its commercial development has cut in half the number of wetlands per capita that could soak up stormwater runoff. I will fight for more resources for the 18th Congressional District.

Affordable Housing

The people in the 18th District also need a path-way to homeownership to build wealth. I will fight for a Bill to help 1st-time homeowner achieves the American dream of homeownership. 

 Outlawing Redlining by the Insurance Industry

70% of the 18th district has been redlined, robbing us of our wealth, by under-valuing our homes, which affects our school funding and creates subpar schools in our community, thus creating a pipeline to prison for our kids. Redlining also causes Insurance companies to charge higher rates for home and auto insurance.

Keep in mind; this started with our Federal Government in the 1930s therefore our Federal Government should be held responsible for the aftermath and do the right thing and attune to the harm that has hurt generations of people.